John Barwell for Arizona House of Representatives

I am pleased and honored to announce my intent to run for Arizona House of Representatives in 2018 to represent LD24 (central Phoenix & south Scottsdale).

Having served 15 years as an enlisted Marine, I am unafraid to stand up and fight for the rights of others. In fact, my passion for advocacy is why I became a lawyer.

During my terms serving on the executive boards of the District 24 Democrats (2014-2016) and the Maricopa County Democratic Party (2016-present), I gained an understanding of the complexities of the Legislature as I strengthened my sense of political advocacy.

For far too long the division between our “politicians” and their inability to progress our state forward has harmed us all, especially in the areas of education and the economy. As the son of public school teachers (and as the product of an Arizona public education), I know well that the foundation of any thriving community must include a robust and well-funded public school system.

If we want to attract strong companies and better jobs to Arizona, we must do better. I have the experience to bring people together toward common goals and unity, and I have the drive to help get this done!

I will fight to advance our shared values that I believe are the bedrocks of an inclusive and just society. I look forward to a positive campaign, meeting my neighbors, and tackling challenges.

-John Barwell, Candidate for Arizona House of Representatives


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